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Steam Park

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  • Member
    Game Boy Geek
    Rating: 8.0
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Dan examines Steam Park, board game from IELLO and Cranium Creations

  • Tom Vasel
    Tom Vasel
    Rating: 8.0
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Tom Vasel takes a look at board game about building an amusement park

Podcasts Featuring this Game

TDT # 347 - Funniest Board Games

In this show, Eric and Tom show up, but apparently not Tom's memory. We talk about Warlock, the Great Zimbabwe, Machi Koro, Bugs in the Kitchen, and Steam Park. Eric finishes a contest, we answer a pile of questions, and then we talk about our top ten funniest board games. Again.

TDT # 333 - How We've Changed

A ton of stuff in this episode, folks! We review Lords of War, Amerigo, Polis: Rise of the Hegemony, Tomorrow, Freedom, Cheaty Mages, and Steam Park. Brian takes a look back at Acquire, Bill at convention scheduling, Geoff at a most unusual dinner, Dexter and the Chief at King of Tokyo, Mark at ASL, James at Essen, and Roger at Kickstarter! Tom also reviews 19 games in 16 minutes, and we end the show talking about how we've changed since starting the Dice Tower.