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The Dice Tower Trademark Use Policy

The Dice Tower logo, The Dice Tower Seals of Approval, Kid Approved, and Excellence, and The Dice Tower Award logos are all trademarks of The Dice Tower LLC. This policy explains when and how you may use these logos.

You may not use The Dice Tower logo without our permission.

You may use The Dice Tower Seal of Approval, Kid Approved Seal, Seal of Excellence, and The Dice Tower Award logos under the following circumstances:

  1. Only use the logo if it is being used with a product for which it has been awarded in a public Dice Tower video. For example, you may not use the Seal of Excellence on a game that was awarded the Seal of Approval; you may not use a seal on an expansion to a game for which the seal was only awarded to the base game.
  2. Only use the versions of the logos found on this website. Do not grab a copy If you need an alternate version of a logo, please ask us.
  3. Don’t alter the logo other than changing the size to suit your needs. However, don’t make the logo so small that the text on the logo becomes illegible. Don’t change the color of the logo or crop any part of the logo.
  4. Don’t use the logo in a way that creates a false impression about The Dice Tower’s opinion about or relationship to the product or publisher. For example, don’t place the logo next to a quote from another reviewer not associated with The Dice Tower; don’t place the logo at the top of a webpage with many games when it was only awarded for one.
  5. Don’t use the logo in any way that might disparage The Dice Tower, such as on a website that includes nudity or hate speech.
  6. We understand that often the seal is awarded after a game goes to print. However, where possible, please include the following attribution: “[name of logo used] is a trademark of The Dice Tower, LLC and is used with permission.” This may appear on the product packaging, in a rulebook, or on a website where the logo is used. Use of the attribution is not required but is appreciated.

If you follow these guidelines, you may use the trademark. As my lawyer puts it: Subject to the terms of this policy, The Dice Tower, LLC grants you a perpetual, worldwide license to use the trademark.

You may find the logos at the following locations: