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Tide of Iron

Podcasts Featuring this Game

TDT # 95: Top Games from the Gathering of Friends

On a biweekly schedule now, the Dice Tower is bigger and better! Moritz and Jason both give their points of view on their Wilderness War match, and Moritz gives us some strange game news from Germany.

TDT # 90: Tide of Iron

In this episode, we give our top ten games for a church gaming group; and continue our contest for 24/7 and Incan Gold. We have a discussion about whether or not free review copies sway the opinion of the reviewer, with input from Moritz, Greg Schloesser, Sam and myself.

TDT # 69: Interview with Christian Petersen

Because of the Korean holiday, we weren't able to get our normal show recorded. But there's still great stuff! In this episode we have the news from Rick and Moritz, and I review Gifttrap. Most of the show, however, is an interview with Christian Petersen, head of Fantasy Flight Games.