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Episode 197: Dominant Species: Marine

Christina Rouse
Robb Rouse
Jeremy Holmes

Reviews of Destinies, Holi, Whatnot Cabinet. Featured review: Dominant Species: Marine by GMT Games; Reroll Reavers of Midgard by Grey Fox Games. Board game discussion starts at 25:46.

Thank you to our sponsors: Queen Games, Grand Gamers Guild, and AEG.

Timestamps: 00:01:14 - Trivia; 00:25:46 - Destinies; 00:34:12 - Beez; 00:44:54 - The Whatnot Cabinet; 00:55:36 - Holi: Festival of Colors; 01:03:40 - News; 01:29:52 - Dominant Species: Marine; 02:08:38 - Reroll