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BGA Ep 52 - 15 Predictions for 2015

BGA Ep 52 - 15 Predictions for 2015

This week Chris is joined by Drew! They discuss their Predictions for 2015, their Acquisition Disorders, and what is Hitting the Table. 

03:11 – Shout it from the Tabletop: Google & Board Gaming?!, Cards Against Humanity goes Poop?!, Board Gaming in Popular Media, Gaming in the Schools!, 

18:10 – Acquisition Disorder Corner: Roll for the Galaxy & Spyfall

21:38 – At the Table: Ka-Ching!, Times Up! Title Recall!, Game of Thrones 2nd Edition, Lost Cities

39:02 – Predictions for 2015!

15. Kickstarter Sells Out
14. FF Produces SW Board Game and/or Death Star
13. Mergers: BN & ToysRus
12. Mergers/BuyOuts: Stronghold Games
11. A Major Convention will Announce its Moving
10. D&D Board Game will be bought in high numbers, be Meh!, and then bargain bin.
9.   Board Gaming will go by a new term Analog Gaming
8.   Backlash Against Apps in Board Games
7.   Shorter Games (under 1 1/2 hrs tops)
6.   New Games will be released in Deluxe Versions only
5.   A Woman will be Nominated for a Major Board Gaming Award
4.   A reprint for El Grande will be announced!
3.   Game Stores will be replaced with Game Cafes
2.   Scythe will be the biggest original game on Kickstarter 
1.   Too unbelievable to be mentioned here!​
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