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The Broken Meeple - Episode 40 - Gateway To Gaming

Luke Hector

The Broken Meeple - Episode 40 - Gateway To Gaming

2016 is upon us and maybe this year will bring us a new wave of friendly people to the board gaming scene. Well to help those people out, this episode is mostly dedicated to gateway games, that is the entry level games that help to bring someone new into the hobby.

Kicking off are the first impressions of Trains & Stations and Letters from Whitechapel. Followed by the return of my "One More Game?" segment discussing Catan and then a list I've wanted to do for some time, my Top Ten Gateway Games!

09:00 - First Impressions (Trains & Station)
13:37 - First Impressions (Letters from Whitechapel)
20:11 - One More Game? (Catan)
30:25 - Top Ten Gateway Games
01:01:30 - Additional Top Ten Thoughts and Future Ideas For The Podcast