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Dice Tower Now 860: October 24, 2023

Corey Thompson
Camilla Cleghorn Dice Guy
Camilla Cleghorn
Jesse Wheeler

This is Dice Tower Now for the week of October 24, 2023. This week, Avalon Hill finds the spirit of Christmas, Elzra hits the battlefields, University does the time warp again, Devir Rocks Hard with a runaway, and Cora yells SPOON!



  • Annabelle and the Sorcerer’s Spoon, A Children’s book in the Coraquest World
  • Betrayal at House on the Hill getting a Yuletide expansion
  • Dexterity title Battlefields from Elzra
  • Wizards of the Coast to consolidate Magic: The Gathering boosters
  • Magic the Gathering - Fallout Set
  • Magical Athlete Reprint coming from CMYK
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show Boardgame from University Games
  • RoboRally Master Builder Expansion
  • Funko releasing 6 I.P. based childrens games
  • Rock Hard: 1977 from Jackie Fox
  • Photo Tour: North America by Timashov Publishing
  • 2 Player title Lost Lights from Daniel Board Game Circus
  • Barton in Bloom by Dan Bate
  • Cosca: Take Over the Mafia





  • The luck-duck, run-amok, dice-chuck con



  1. Dune: Imperium – Uprising
  2. Obsession
  3. Ark Nova
  4. Heat: Pedal to the Metal
  5. Voidfall
  6. Molly House
  7. Nucleum
  8. Sky Team
  9. Zoo Vadis
  10. The White Castle




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