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Episode 42: The Episode of Brotherly LOVE

Episode 42: The Episode of Brotherly LOVE


 It's a new year and we start it off .... with a recording issue. Don't worry, we tell you all about it at the beginning of the episode. In the rest of the Intro we run through what's coming up in the episode, remind you of our current contest, and talk a bit about our new support drive.

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13:44 - QUICK HITS

It's a Jam packed Quick Hits segment! We start things off talking about our geeky hauls for Christmas and a game day we had where Mansions of Madness hit the table in a epic story driven experience. Then, We give some quick thoughts on a couple of games including Trains from AEG, Mage Wars from Arcane Legions, Via Appia from Queen Games, and Eldritch Horror from FFG. 


 "What game(s) did you NOT get for Christmas that you're now going to go get yourself?"


SALMON RUN by Gryphon Games

Salmon Run is a fast-paced racing game which uses deck building mechanics,  in which you'll maneuver your salmon upriver, avoiding obstacles and jumping over waterfalls. It's a light 4 player game with a modular board and a bear meeple! We dive in, and give you the run down on how to play and what we think of the game. 

53:39 - OUT OF THE BOX

Our favorite cheesteak joints & great spots for geeks to visit in Philadelphia

 Well, this one was demanded from you and now we give it to you. Coming to Philly? We tell you where to go (and where not to go) for some of the best Philly cheesteaks in town. We also mention great spots to visit including the best game and comic shops, which museums we think you should check out, and a couple other cool geeky locations.