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Kemet - Episode 033

Kemet - Episode 033

We have a look at Kemet this week. It's ranked in the 60s on boardgamegeek, we've got to like it right? Right?!?

We start off by looking at a few games we've played in the last 2 weeks :

Murano 00:35

Theophrastus 04:13

Hamburgum 10:15

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective 15:00

Red Dragon Inn 18:30

We then get into Kemet (26:15). We look at the usual items, theme and components. We then get into the mechanisms and the strategy of the game - since we are not an aggressive group, and some of us like to hold back and turtle, how did we approach the game? Since it forces you to be on the attack, did we like that? Is it a good Weuro game (War+Euro)? What, if anything would we change about the game?