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The Long View: Age of Steam

The Long View: Age of Steam

In this special episode of The Long View, I'm thrilled to be joined by none other than Ryan Sturm as we discuss the classic game, Age of Steam. Why does Ryan love this game so much? Is the best of the Steam, Age of Steam, and Railroad Tycoon family? What separates it from the pack, and why has it inspired so many expansions and spin offs? Find out the answer to these questions and more in this episode of The Long View.

As a bonus, Tom Vasel stops by to tell us his thoughts about Age of Steam in a musical tribute, and I review the new Stronghold Games title of Core Worlds: Revolution. What does this expansion have to offer for fans of the Core Worlds universe? Is is a vital addition, or just bloat? Find out in the review which can be found at the 1:35:00 mark of the episode.

I also review the new title from NSKN games, Progress: Evolution of Technology. Is this a civ light game for everyone, or a near miss? Find out in the review which can be found at the 1:57:00 mark of the episode.

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