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Trio Review: Pick Three My Lord!

Mike DiLisio, Roy Cannaday, and Chris Yi take a look at a game of memory, searching for cards, and making three of a kind. 

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  • 00:47 Overview 
  • 04:04 Review 
Highest rating
  • Mike Dillisio
    Mike Dilisio
    Rating: 8.0
  • Chris Yi
    Chris Yi
    Rating: 7.5
  • Roy Cannaday
    Roy Cannaday
    Rating: 7.5


Published by:
Underdog Games (II), Reflexshop, Rebel Sp. z o.o., PaperGames (III), Happy Camper, Ghenos Games, Mob+ (Mob Plus), Cocktail Games
Designed by:
宮野 華也 (Kaya Miyano)
Year Published:
Recommended Ages:
Board Game Category
Animals, Card Game
3 - 6