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Mark Streed

About Me

Since his early days documenting Star Wars, Star Trek and Back to the Future for Fan Clubs, Inc. as staff photographer, Mark Streed has had a strong interest in games of all types. When the opportunity came up to write reviews for early LucasArts video games, Mark knew he was hooked. From then on, his free timewas spent playing and critiquing games of all sorts, or brushing up on his other passion - computer graphics and web design, soon to become his main career; Mark spent more than 2 decades in the warm glow of the CRT, as professional web designer for WireStoneBoard game and computer skillseventually merged, delivering Mark to the doorstep of The Dice Tower, where he co-founded Board Game Corner, creating review and preview videos. Master Streed, now half the man he used to be, is currently the main prototype and Kickstarter video producer for the Dice Tower and has contributed many hundreds of such videos to the channel since joining in 2014.