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Board Game Breakfast: Episode 15 - Reviewers and Designers

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Tom Vasel takes a look at the news, joined by a host of friends! He also talks about the relationship between reviewers and designers

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0:00 - Opening Credits
0:18 - Hello / Light News

Board Game News
2:10 - Stronghold Games News
3:15 - Fantasy Flight News
4:01 - Days of Wonder News
4:31 - ZMan Games News
4:47 - Steve Jackson Games News
5:15 - Asmodee Game News

Kickstarter Update (Guest Segment)
5:27 - Kickstarter News

Upcoming Games
7:20 - Coming Soon

Board Game Apps (Guest Segment)
8:05 - Qwirkle

Game Release Update
9:44 - New Releases

11:02 - Are There Games That You love but Never Win?

Ivory Dice Tower (Guest Segment)
13:30 - Achievements

Belgium Hits the Table (Guest Segment)
16:40 - Dragon Rage

Dice Tower Video
18:19 - Upcoming Reviews and Podcasts

Snakes & Lattes Presents (Guest Segment)
19:22 - Forgotten Games

Tom Thinks.
21:30 - Reviewers vs Designers

28:10 - Final Things / Thanks for watching
28:36 - Check out and
28:45 - Thank You to our Sponsor, Cool Stuff Inc.

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Tom Vasel
Tom Vasel
Suzanne Sheldon Dice Guy
Suzanne Sheldon
Scott Nicholson
Belgium hits the table
Snakes and Lattes

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