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Board Game Breakfast: Episode 9 - Predictions about 2014

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Tom Vasel and friends take a look at the news and other facets of boardgaming this week! Tom also makes ten predictions about 2014 in the board game world.

Chapter List (from MrTimisFat)

0:00 - Opening Credits
0:19 - Hello/Light News

Board and Card Gaming News
1:11 - Descent News
2:31 - Rasputin
2:41 - Victory in Europe
2:54 - Han

Kickstarter Update (Guest Segment)
3:25 - New Projects

New & Upcoming Games
5:38 - New Releases
6:10 - Upcoming Games

Snakes and Lattes Presents (Guest Segment)
6:35 - Dexterity Games for Steady Hands

Question of the Week
8:43 - HeroScape Storage

Inside Out (Guest Segment)
11:24 - Cyclades

Board Games That Made The Cut
13:27 - The Crazy Zoo Game/Pop Belly/Walk The Dog

Cranial Crunch
14:32 - Carcassonne Scoring

First Impressions (Guest Segment)
16:33 - Nations

Dice Tower Video (Guest Segment)
18:31 - Upcoming Reviews

Ivory Dice Tower
19:38 - Conferences

Tom Thinks.
22:27 - 10 Predictions About 2014

28:01 - Not really an outro
28:10 - Check Out and DiceTowerNetwork.
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Tom Vasel
Tom Vasel
Snakes and Lattes
Inside Out
Pete Krause
Scott Nicholson

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