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Dice Tower 478 - Pandemic Legacy

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In this show, we talk about Onirim, Biohazard Containment Unit, Empires: Galactic Rebellion, and the Castles of Burgundy card game. We also hear a tale of Treachery, about a VCR game, and answer a pile of questions.

Then, AFTER THE END CREDITS, we have a detailed discussion of Pandemic Legacy, including spoilers. Don't worry, we'll give you heads up before we do!

1:11 - Intro
4:16 - Onarim
7:30 - Empires: Galactic Rebellion
12:46 - Broken Token Biohazard Containment for Pandemic
16:18 - Castles of Burgundy Card Game
19:50 - Biography of a Boardgame: Nightmare ( the VCR Game)
23:46 - Mark Zielinski Forged Foam
28:14 - Tale of Betrayal
34:19 - Bonus Action
38:30 - Cult of the Old: Nicht die Bohne
40:50 - Questions
1:02:34 - Dice Tower's Question of the Week: What sort of d6s do you prefer?
1:11:17 - Outro
Pandemic Legacy

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Tom Vasel
Tom Vasel
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Eric Summerer