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Wilderness War

Podcasts Featuring this Game

TDT # 99: Top 10 Games With Dice

In this episode, Mary gives us the latest news, as well as a review of Colosseum. Moritz finishes up his gaming session with Jason White, and Eric gives a quick review of Imperial.

TDT # 97: Pleasant Surprises

In this episode, we preview several new games, and Mary gives us the news about what's coming up in the next couple of months. Moritz talks about Mozart the gamer, and recounts his Wilderness War game with Jason White.

TDT # 95: Top Games from the Gathering of Friends

On a biweekly schedule now, the Dice Tower is bigger and better! Moritz and Jason both give their points of view on their Wilderness War match, and Moritz gives us some strange game news from Germany.

TDT # 93: Top Ten Games for Logical Thinking

In this episode, Moritz talks about his second favorite gaming accessory and updates us with his battle against Jason. Mary gives us the news and a review, and Eric gives us another 72 second review.