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Can't Stop

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    Brian Hoier
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Brain examines the iPad version of Can't Stop

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    The Vasel Girls
    Rating: 6.0
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Tom and the girls review this reprint by Gryphon of this Sid Sackson classic

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TDT # 363 - To the South Pole!

In this episode, we take a look at Shadowrun Crossfire, Russian Railroads, Roads and Boats, Battle Sheep and more! We discuss the Dice Tower Convention 3, point out Tom's glaring error, and talk about the future of the show. Finally, we talk about what games to take with you to the South Pole!

TDT # 243 - The Longest Game

In this show, Chief talks once again about building a game group, Geoff discusses 3D printing, and Ryan complains about "hobbit" cards.  We talk about several different games, a bit of news, and end the show with our longest games we've ever played.  Plus, a great new contest!