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Board Game Blender 6 - Ghosts, Beasties, & Baddies

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Join Zee Garcia and company on episode 6 of Board Game Blender!

Show Notes:

0:00 Intro
1:14 The Suzanne Plan
5:01 Bored Online? Board Offline!
8:42 Under The Radar
12:55 Corner Chat: Grant Wilson & Mike Richie
19:38 Real Talk with Sam
24:23 Grizzly Gaming
27:27 Designer Spotlight
29:08 The Quirky Game
32:03 Board of Education
34:53 Board Games Meet...
37:38 Retro Board Game Corner
41:31 Outtro

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Zee Garcia
Suzanne Sheldon Dice Guy
Suzanne Sheldon
Baker Odom
Board Game Corner
Sam Healey Dice Guy
Sam Healey
Grizzly Gaming
Jason Levene Dice Guy
Jason Levine
Tiffany B
Asdruval Cifuentes