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At The Table with The Dice Tower - The College Years

Tom Vasel
Tom Vasel
Eric Summerer
Eric Summerer
Julie Ahern

This time, Tom, Julie, and Eric remember their gaming habits in college. Also, we look at the motivation for a publisher to "rescue" a failed crowdfunding campaign. Eric gets worked up with a Tale of Boardgaming Horror, and we share some Roses, Thorns, and Hula Hoops.

01:33 - Dice Tower West and Live At The Table (Saturday 3/9 at 1pm)

04:33 - "Rescuing" a Crowdfunding Campaign

27:01 - Our Gaming in College

40:25 - Tale of Boardgaming Horror

45:26 - Wordcraft

49:21 - Expressions

52:54 - Maps of Misterra

56:27 - Doctor Who Magic the Gathering

1:03:37 - ...and then we held hands

1:05:20 - Sky Team