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At The Table with The Dice Tower - Further Adventures

Tom Vasel
Tom Vasel
Eric Summerer
Eric Summerer
Julie Ahern

In this episode, Tom, Julie, and Eric discuss the logic behind MSRP at your local game store, put a trio of games up against each other in an arena Showdown, present a classic Tale of Boardgaming Horror, and share some Roses, Thorns, and Hula Hoops.

02:56 - The News: MSRP

13:54 - Showdown: Freelancers vs Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay vs Near and Far

28:07 - Tale of Boardgaming Horror (classic)

36:34 - Rose, Thorn, Hula Hoop

37:10 - Artisans of Splendent Vale

43:50 - Beacon Patrol

46:34 - Comic Hunters

50:56 - Province

53:44 - Next Station Tokyo

55:57 - Chicken

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