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City of the Living Review: We Built This City on Locks and Oil

Mike, Chris and Joey take a look at City of the Living! 

  • 0:00 Intro 
  • 1:04 Overview 
  • 6:28 Review 
  • 16:00 Final Thoughts
Highest rating
  • Tom Vasel
    Tom Vasel
    Rating: 7.5
  • Mike Dillisio
    Mike Dilisio
    Rating: 6.0
  • Chris Yi
    Chris Yi
    Rating: 6.0
  • Joey Evans Dice Guy
    Joey Evans
    Rating: 6.0


Published by:
Asmodee, Ystari Games
Designed by:
Reiner Knizia, Sebastian Bleasdale
Year Published:
Recommended Ages:
Board Game Category
Economic, Environmental
2 - 4

Other Reviews of this game

  • Tom Vasel
    Tom Vasel
    Rating: 7.5
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