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Brian Gomez

dexterity game
Brain Games
Brian Gomez
Reinis Pētersons
team game
Iron Forest
It sure looks similar to ICECOOL!

Brain Games, the team behind ICECOOL has a new flicking game on Kickstarter: Iron Forest, for two to four players. Each round of ICECOOL was a one versus many exercise of one Hall Monitor trying to catch the other players as they raced around the classrooms and hallways of a school, collecting fish. Each player controlled a monochromatic penguin perched on a half-sphere by flicking it through doorways, around corners, and even over walls.

Iron Forest upgrades and expands this experience. It is a team game set in the fictional land of Neemus. Animal Clans have discovered the Iron Forest, a strange place filled with abandoned technology. They use the technology to create Mechas, but then the technology itself awakens in the form of the Iron Force, with their own Mechas. Now, the two sides will clash in various different scenarios. All of the Animal Clan characters sit atop a green half-sphere and the Iron Force characters sit atop a red half-sphere, but the invidiual characters are unique sculpts and colors. The board in Iron Forest is similar to that of ICECOOL, with one major difference. There is a second level, supported by risers, that is floating above the base level. Holes in the top layer can drop your figure down to the base level. You may think once that happens you are stuck, but no, there is a launcher that sits next to the base level, and allows you to catapult your figure up to the second level!

Like ICECOOL, Iron Forest is designed by Brian Gomez, with art by Reinis Pētersons. Visit the Kickstarter campaign, which runs through March 5, 2022 at 12:01pm ES