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Top Ten Worker Placement Games

These are games in which you place pieces to gain actions. Examples range from older ones such as Caylus to modern games such as Manhattan Project. There are many more.

Year Published: 2012
Designers: Peter Lee
Publishers: Wizards of the Coast
Year Published: 2011
Designers: Jay Cormier
Publishers: Tasty Minstrel Games
Year Published: 2010
Designers: Wolfgang Panning
Publishers: Queen Games
Year Published: 2012
Designers: Joanna Kijanka
Publishers: Portal Games
Year Published: 2005
Designers: William Attia
Publishers: Ystari Games
Year Published: 2006
Designers: Michael Rieneck
Publishers: KOSMOS
Year Published: 2012
Designers: Thomas Vande Ginste
Publishers: eggertspiele
Year Published: 2009
Designers: Vlaada Chvátil
Publishers: Czech Games Edition
Year Published: 2012
Designers: Simone Luciani
Publishers: Czech Games Edition
Year Published: 2007
Designers: Karl-Heinz Schmiel
Publishers: Edge Entertainment


Year Published: 1999
Designers: Jeroen Doumen
Publishers: Splotter Spellen
Year Published: 2007
Designers: Andrea Chiarvesio
Publishers: Stratelibri
Year Published: 2010
Designers: Chad Jensen
Publishers: GMT Games