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Lords of Waterdeep

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    Boardgame Knights
    Rating: 5.0
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The Board Game Knights take a look at Lords of Waterdeep

  • Tom Vasel
    Tom Vasel
    Rating: 8.5
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    Melody Vasel
    Rating: 8.5
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TDT # 273 - Themes that Turn Us Off

In this show, Ryan talks about a new project he's beginning, Brian examines Shadow Hunters, and Geoff talks about hindsight in games.  We take a look at Puzzle Strike, City of Horror, Banditos, Pirates of the Spanish Main Card Game, Lords of Waterdeep, Wilderness, and more!  Tom rants about game manufacturing, and we finish up the show with themes that turn us off from a game, despite how good the game plays.

TDT # 263 - Multiple Gaming Tables

In this show, we add two new contributors, one who takes a look at Clout: Fantasy.  We also talk about several new games including Pret a Porter and Behutunsburg.  Greg visits another store, and Mark reviews Rodeo Rummy.  Finally, we end the show with a question of what to do with multiple games going on at the same time in a gaming group.

TDT # 251 - Interaction

In this episode, Tom muses about different types of games, and Chief comes to the grand finale of his gaming group. Geoff talks about crowdsourcing, Eric goes over a ton of new games he played at Conn Con, and we review several games, including Abaddon and Lords of Waterdeep.  We finish up the show talking about our favorite types of interaction.