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Hex Effects - DT Preview with Mark Streed

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Thu, 05/16/2024 - 12:00

Mark Streed previews Hex Effects. Hex Effects is a "take that" style card game featuring Hexes (that you need to rid of) and Remedies (that treat Hexes but may cause you to have more). It is an easy-to-pickup game with original artwork by Pillbox Games. It's based on the game Side Effects.

Start by dealing four Hex cards to each player, face up, in a space in front of them referred to as their "Shadow". The first player to treat all the Hexes in their Shadow wins the game.

The rest of the Hex cards are shuffled in with the larger deck. Then, deal four cards to each player (concealed in hand). Start your turn by drawing two cards. You can make two actions on your turn. If you have in your hand a Remedy card that treats one of your hexes, you can place it on top of that Hex. You're now closer to winning — but watch out! Every Remedy contains a list of side effects (other Hexes) that you are now vulnerable to receiving from other players on their turns.

Play continues until one person has treated all the Hexes in their Shadow. 

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