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We finish our Winter Spectacular broadcast with a play through of Fossilis and Stephen Buonocore joins Tom, Roy & Mike for a discussion about Twilight Imperium 4: Prophesy of Kings. And of course, we have plenty more Top 10's! Here is our line-up for this segment:

*Tom's Top 10 cooperative games
*Fossilis play through with Tom, Roy, & Mike
*Roy's Top 10 Marvel games
*Twilight Imperium 4: Prophesy of Kings -- game discussion with Tom, Roy, Mike & Stephen Buonocore
*Mark Streed's Top 10 of 2020
*Jordan Schoenberger's Top 10 of 2020
*Mike's Top 10 solo games of 2020
*The Dice Tower's Top 10 best moments of 2020

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