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Dice Tower 475 - Thanks to You

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In this show, we talk about City of Spies, Bluffalo, Rock Paper Poker, Agricola Family, AssassinCon, and Mythe. We answer several questions - as well as ask the audience a question, and hear a sad tale of shame. Geoff and the Sweet Spot show up, and we end the show talking about the person most responsible for getting us into board gaming.

1:00 - Intro and Essen Schedule
5:17 - Agricola Family Edition
8:00 - City of Spies
13:23 - AssassinCon
18:35 - Bluffalo
21:47 - Mythe
24:38 - Rock, Paper, Poker
26:12 - GameTek
33:18 - Another Tale of Shame
37:05 -The Sweet Spot
40:35 - Questions
57:44 - Dice Tower Question of the Week: Who Was Responsible for Getting You into the Hobby
1:16:16 - Outro

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Tom Vasel
Tom Vasel
Eric Summerer
Eric Summerer