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Twilight Struggle

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    Boardgame Knights
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The Board Game Knights take a look at this game about the Cold War

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    Mike Vincent
    Rating: 9.0
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Mike Vincent takes an educational look at Twilight Struggle from GMT

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TDT # 113: Favorite Mass Market Games

In this episode, Geoff talks about the process to bring Agricola to English-speaking folk, while Mark talks about games he's looking forward to playing in 2008. We review Jamaica, Super Hero, and The Amazing Space Venture - and do a comparison of 1960 to Twilight Struggle. We mention a sad story about Shadows over Camelot, and discuss a few questions about gaming. Finally, we talk about our favorite mass market games.

TDT # 111: Top Ten Mayfair Games

In this episode, we discuss some recently played games, as well as continue our Christmas contest! Moritz talks about tension in games, Geoff discusses the good old days of PBEM, and Mary gives a report from BGG.con. We discuss being Game snobs, the Golden Geek awards, Condottiere, and some random strategy tips. We end out the show by discussing the top ten games from Mayfair.

TDT # 104: Board Game Podcaster Awards & Top Ten Expansions

In this episode, Mary gives us the news, and Sam and Tom talk about other hot news items of the week. Geoff Englestein talks about Tech and games, and Mike Hibbert issues a challenge to Sam and Tom.

TDT # 103: Best Wargames & Twilight Struggle

In this episode, Mary gives the news while Greg tells us his opinions of the Spiel des Jahres nominations. We review Wings of War, and Tom rants about tie breakers and tells why he loves games.