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Giles Pritchard

In this show, Geoff tells us what "ludology" means, we talk about gaming burnout,

It's our big 250th episode!

In this show, we give a couple of character stereotypes, talk about the future of

In this show, we take some time talking about the top ten games that have replace

In this show, the gang talks about the strangest games they ever played, Geoff ta

In this episode, Geoff crunches some numbers, Eric and Tom talk about some recent

In this show, the Englesteins talk some more about their game design process, Mor

This is the second episode in a series that Tom and Giles are doing on using boar

In this episode, Paul talks about politics in war games, and Geoff talks about th

In this episode, the Dice Tower crew review the year 2007, talking about the bigg

In this episode, Tom previews a few new games, and reviews Antler Island and Plat