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Five Tribes

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  • Tom Vasel
    Tom Vasel
    Rating: 6.0
  • Sam Healey Dice Guy
    Sam Healey
    Rating: 6.0
  • Zee Garcia Avatar
    Zee Garcia
    Rating: 6.0
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Tom Vasel, Sam Healey, and Zee Garcia take a look at this new Days of Wonder game

  • Member
    Ryan Metzler
    Rating: 8.0
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Ryan takes a look at this Days of Wonder game

  • Member
    Indiana John
    Rating: 9.0
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John Richard takes a look at the brand new Days of Wonder game

  • Member
    Game Boy Geek
    Rating: 10.0
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Dan King takes a look at the latest board game from Days of Wonder and Bruno Cathala

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In this show, we talk about Five Tribes, Xia, Krosmaster Junior, Mystery Rummy # 5 - Escape from Alcatraz, X-com, and Pressure Cooker.  We are joined by a host of contributors offering strategy, Christmas gaming, old games, and how to build a game group.  We have a tale of amazement and one of horror, and bring back gaming stererotypes!  Finally, we end the show with our favorite ways to play Catan.

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In this show, we talk about Empire Engine, Artificium, Kings of Israel, Robot Turtles, Cthulhu Wars, Hyperborea, Pints of Blood, and Dogs of War.  We have a tale of horror and of amazement, Mark talks about his kids, Mary about Tichu strategy, and Brian about Mancala.  Tom discusses why the Dice Tower is about games, but especially the people who play them; and we end the show with our favorite dice found in games.

TDT # 376 - Essen Spiel 2014 Preview

In this episode, Eric is on vacation, so Tom is joined by Zee Garcia. We spend the show joined by contributors, talking about some of the games coming out at Essen Spiel, and the different games and expansions that we are most interested in.